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Dr. Ryan Smart

Hello my name is Dr. Ryan Smart and welcome to my office. I look forward to helping you achieve true health and wellness. But before we embark on this journey together I feel you should know more about me and my own personal journey to find true health and wellness. You see I grew up in a household where my Mom made sure we were prepared for all sorts of aches, pains, or illnesses with over-the-counter drugs, just in case we had some discomfort. My “be prepared” pack included Pepto-Bismol, Advil, Sudafed, cough drops, and Imodium AD to name a few. For as long as I can remember when I was a kid I suffered from Asthma, Allergies, stomach problems and had on average 6 to seven Sinus infections a year. My stomach pains would be so bad at times I would be doubled over in pain and my Mom not knowing any better would have me take more Pepto-Bismol or Imodium AD in hopes this would ease my discomfort. You see she thought she was helping me by providing all these over-the counter drugs that were just masking my symptoms or prolonging the problems, she just didn’t know there was any other way. This was a never ending cycle of my childhood.

As I got older I started having other problems of headaches, neck pain and back pain. In my early twenties I was attending college courses in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist, for I always knew I wanted to help people with their health. By chance I met a girl named Tracy (now my wife) who said to me why don’t you look into becoming a Chiropractor. She started telling me how she had horrible ear aches for years and how nothing helped except getting adjsuted. So I thought I would look into this profession I had never given any thought to before. I started by following a few Chiropractors around their office while they were treating their patients. While visiting the 1st Doctors office I had one of my frequent headaches. I received my very 1st adjustment ever and within a few minutes my headache was gone. Now I assumed the relief I felt was only temporary like the relief I felt after taking an Advil or Tylenol, but after talking with this doctor I discovered that tens of thousands of people in this country are helped with these conditions and many more every year and the relief they find is not temporary. After experiencing the changes in my own health it became clear that my path in life was to become a chiropractor.

The greatest part of my job is that I am able to provide hope and inspiration to help people who have lived for many years in pain and not knowing where to turn for help; through Chiropractic I am able to help them express the health potential they have within and live the lives of their dreams. I am able to help children who suffer needlessly from ear infections, colic, constipation, irritability, hyper-activity and other neurological disorders. I myself continue to receive regular Chiropractic Care to keep my body functioning at peak performance and maintain my own wellness.

Last year my wife and I were blessed with a new addition to our family, his name is Aiden. He is the perfect expression of health and immediately after his birth he received his very first Chiropractic adjustment. I am humbled to be able to assist you in your own journey to return your body to a state of true health and wellness. Again I welcome you to our office and I encourage you to share your own experience of Chiropractic with others so that they too can live happy, health lives.


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