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Why Life Force Chiropractic?

 Your first appointment is your first impression.  Let’s make it a positive one.  All potential new patients are scheduled at a time when Dr. Smart has the time to do a thorough consultation and examination.  

Your comfort is of utmost importance to Dr. Smart and all of his staff.  YOU are always the most important person in the room.  Dr. Smart LISTENS to everything you share with him.  Your voice helps guide your care.

All procedures are explained before being carried out.  Questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.  Dr. Smart knows that the more you know, the better he will be able to treat your specific condition.

RESULTS!  This, of course, is about which everyone cares  the greatest.  The majority of patients report a positive change after their first adjustment.  By their third visit, positive changes occur with almost everyone Dr. Smart provides his specialized Chiropractic technique. Results come quickly.

The office is known for maintaining a friendly environment where everyone rapidly feels at home.  All of LFC staff care about each individual who visits us.

All ages are welcome.  From newborns to those with a lot of life experience.  Accommodations are available for all ages and all physical needs.  We even have books, coloring supplies, and toys for kids of all ages.

Again, Dr. Smart will customize treatment to meet your individual needs.  Meet with us and let us create a care plan that helps you accomplish your goals.



We Conveniently Offer:

  1. Complimentary Consultations to see how we can help you feel better.
  2. Same-day appointments!
  3. All health care Insurances that cover Chiropractic  accepted.
  4. Very affordable cash plans for those without health insurance.
  5. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) care provided for those suffering from auto accidents.  Our treatments are specific to your condition and designed to help you feel better and prevent long-term pain. We will provide you and your lawyer with definitive answers about your injury and documentation of treatments that will help you in your legal claim.
  6. Labor and Industries (L&I) treatment plans provided to get you feeling better and back to work!




Call us to schudule your FREE consultation with Dr. Smart and get on the path to a pain-free life!

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“Providing Hope & Solutions for America’s First People”

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Surfers Seek Peak Performance with Chiropractic
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